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  • 04/23/21 Focus Forum: Biopsy Bookends

04/23/21 Focus Forum: Biopsy Bookends


When: Friday April 23rd


Hosted by: Dr. Jen Ward, Dr. Chris Reilly, Dr. Cindy Bell


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As our first Focus Forum we have chosen a topic that truly is at the interface of veterinary clinical practice and veterinary diagnostic pathology. We anticipate a lively conversation about all that frames the act of surgical tissue sampling, i.e. biopsy. While the histopathological interpretation is at the core of this process, it is not in itself a kernel of truth waiting to be hulled. The accuracy and impact of the diagnosis depends to a large degree on what comes before (e.g. history, biopsy technique) and what comes after (e.g. response to treatment). We are particularly keen to hear from pathologists and clinicians about their experiences – good and bad.

Questions to ponder:

  • What does it take to obtain a good quality diagnostic sample?
  • What history is necessary and why?
  • What should or should not be stated in a pathologist’s comment?
  • How can follow up improve future outcomes?

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