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What Is The Alliance?

The Alliance is more than a community and more than a source for CE. We are at a pivotal point in the progress of medicine, science, and technology. While much of the progress is positive, for the betterment of society, there are other aspects that are regressive and even toxic to society. The Alliance is a movement, founded in openness of communication and collaboration with all members of the veterinary community, from those with entry knowledge of veterinary medicine to those who have already had a long career in this field. 

All of us in this field practice pathology - it is the specialty of common ground.

We are engaged.

We are problem solvers.

We strive for continuous improvement.

We communicate openly and with integrity.

We are stewards.

And we are united to bring medicine, pathology at the base, back to the patient where it should always have been from the beginning.

Being a member of The Alliance is not a passive practice, it is an active engagement with your colleagues, from veterinary technicians, laboratory technicians, to specialists, residents, etc. We are a rebellion against the loss of pathology in medicine. A rebellion against the loss of INTEGRITY in medicine. It is time to bring us all together, centered around pathology, because that is the common ground on which all of us in this field practice. 

The Alliance. To be a member or to not be a member, that is the question.

As we’ve worked on building The Alliance over the last several years and on the virtual-platform programming that supports much of what we do, we’ve wrestled with defining exactly what “The Alliance” is. 

Now that we’ve developed our two flagship content programs and our community’s starting to grow, our understanding of what we’re about has crystallized—not only regarding the structure and pricing of our membership (although that has evolved as well), but also what it means to be a member. 

We’ve realized that this membership itself is a program—and this program revolves around the growing community. The membership community enables an ongoing exchange of ideas and support, the development of professional relationships and collaborations, and opportunities to enrich our professional and personal lives with mentoring and friendship. And it’s a place where we can come together and advocate for the things that matter to veterinarians, to all of our support staff, and to our patients.

Increasingly, this community is starting to generate the exciting energy of (dare we say it out loud?) a movement.

So, yeah, it’s not just about the CE. (But let’s be honest—where else can you get such awesome pathology-centered CE?) And for some, the content is what it’s all about. That’s fine, too. Aside from members-only material and events, our webinars, courses, programs, wet labs, workshops, and other events will continue to be available to everyone.

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