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The Challenges We Face

As a clinician, do you have a collaborative relationship with your pathologist? As a pathologist, do you regularly communicate with clinicians? If the answer is, ‘No,’ then you are probably missing an opportunity to provide better patient care and improve your own professional satisfaction.

  • It is increasingly difficult for veterinary pathologists to focus and offer specialized pathology that meets the needs of specialists, and even more challenging for those that seek to do so AND run a business at the same time.
  • It is just as difficult for veterinary clinical specialists to find pathology solutions that adequately serve their specialty.
  • The high throughput laboratory model is unable to consistently support the level of relationship between clinician and pathologist required for delivery of optimal patient care - one built on trust, responsiveness, and open communication.
  • Veterinary pathologists that want to sub-specialize have few, if any, options for training and deepening their experience.
  • There is no "blueprint" for how to launch and run an independent pathology practice.

This drove us to form the Specialty Vetpath Alliance - Founded by independent, specialty-focused veterinary pathologists, the Alliance builds a pathway to solve these challenges. 

We envision a future where pathologists and clinical veterinary specialists regularly interact as equal colleagues in patient care, mutually enhancing personal and collective knowledge and improving each other's daily practice. Where pathologists have the freedom and support to focus on their areas of greatest interest, to develop great expertise, and can find like-minded clinicians to partner with.

What We Do

Specialty Training Rounds

For veterinary pathology and clinical residency training support


Focused review of topics in specialty pathology for small groups of clinicians and pathologists

Business Support

Supporting independent pathology businesses with resources, training, and more

Specialty Skills Development

Helping veterinary pathologists develop in specific sub-specialty areas


Bringing pathologists and clinicians together in social events and focus forums to discuss challenges, successes and innovative solutions

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Meet Our Founding Team

The Alliance was founded by 3 fiercely independent, specialty-focused veterinary pathologists who have seen a better way to more powerful patient outcomes. We've seen the challenge of sub-specializing, staying independent, and integrating within the patient care process first hand. We know the benefits and formed the Alliance to pave this path for others.

Dr. Jennifer Ward

Dermatopathology, Oncologic Pathology


Diagnostic Pathology and Collaborative Research Services

Dr. Cindy Bell

Oral Pathology

Specialty Oral Pathology for Animals

Oral Pathology

Dr. Chris Reilly

Ocular Pathology

Insight Veterinary Specialty Pathology

Ocular Pathology

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