Clone of Events

Our Workshops are designed to provide specialized professional development in a live (often virtual) format with a keen focus on interaction and Q&A (as opposed to lecture only). Specialized clinicians, pathologists, and others interested in the topics are invited to join!

Workshops are currently priced at $25 as an introductory price! 

Our community-building efforts consist of Focus Forums and social events that will bring together clinicians and pathologists to share their perspectives, address challenges, promote solidarity, and have fun.

To inquire about institutional resident training rounds or personalized specialty skills development, please fill out our contact form.

When: Friday April 23rd


Hosted by: Dr. Jen Ward, Dr. Chris Reilly, Dr. Cindy Bell


When: Tuesday April 27th, 2021

5-6 pm PST / 8-9 pm EST

Led by: Dr. Jennifer Ward

When: Thursday April 29th, 2021

5-6 pm PST / 8-9 pm EST

Led by: Dr. Jennifer Ward

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Upcoming Workshops

These are some of the planned events to look forward to this year! Tickets will be made available closer to the event. 

Ocular Pathology Workshops

May - Descriptive Approaches to the eye: how to say what you see

June - Neuroectodermal tumors (dogs and cats): Who you callin' primitive? 

July - Non-neoplastic pigmentary lesions of the uvea (dogs): melanosis and pigmentary cystic uveitis

August - Dry-eye disease and pigmentary keratopathy

September - Lens luxations - causes and considerations

October - Retinal lesions - Inner, outer, both, and full-thickness atrophy

Oral Pathology Workshops

May - Immune-mediated mucosal diseases

May - Canine acanthomatous ameloblastoma

June - Embryogenesis of dental structures

July - Non-tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma of dogs

August - Biopsy sample collection

August - Margin evaluation of maxillectomy and mandibulectomy samples

September - Oral and Maxillofacial sarcomas of cats

October - Osteosarcoma of the jaws

Dermatopathology Workshops

May - Ending on a high note: how to provide a useful interpretation when the biopsy findings are complicated, chronic, and non-specific

June - Comparative embryology and development of hairs and other specialized adnexal structures

July - Sleuthing it out: diagnostic conundrums in dermatophathology 

August - Recognizing the spectrum of solar injury

September - Hyperkeratosis: Recognizing clues that can help determine the underlying cause of this very non-specific reaction

Clinical Pathology Workshops

September - Clinical chemistry 

Business Workshops

April - Exploring different business models for independent pathology practice Part I

May - Building a business around your passion

June - Laying the foundation

July - Pitfalls of independent practice: the cult of personality

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