Dr. Reilly – who prefers to be called reilly (or Chris, if first names are your thing) has practiced ocular pathology extensively for 16+ years, and exclusively for nearly 4+ years. His reports are focused on anatomic detail, clinicopathologic correlation, meaningful risk assessment and communication, and logical ancillary diagnostic recommendations. Of particular consideration in reports is risk, lack thereof, or uncertainty therein, for the other eye – and of course pet as a whole. While dedicated to the best possible interpretation of every case, specific areas of diagnostic interest include: canine goniodysgenesis/primary angle closure glaucoma; feline iris melanomas; temporal relationship/sequence of lesions; and outer retinal degeneration. A Massachusetts native and recovering catholic, he has a direct-but-apologetic, communication style. His educational journey has crossed the country from Tufts Veterinary School, through the Animal Medical Center in NYC for a rotating internship, to the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin for an ocular pathology fellowship, and “finally” to the University of California, Davis for a pathology residency. Professional stints in corporate diagnostics and academia propelled him to Austin, TX, where he incorporated Insight VSP as a fully independent, solely ocular pathology practice. Insight VSP has since relocated back to Davis, CA, where he currently resides. In his free time, reilly collects and listens to records, neglects succulents, and struggles at two instruments, to varying degrees.He is committed to quality diagnostics, equality for all living things (except mosquitos), and general transparency. And, of course, rock and roll.